This should be your purpose

A Call Of My Heart…..

Hey guys I have got to be honest, I can no longer sit back and allow people to walk in life faithless… faith..

Ok, my husband and I have been called for faith missions and I have to be honest I am so ready to be sent. Why is it so hard for other people to believe in the faith you walk in? I figured it out……it is because they don’t have any……human faith where they believe in themselves is the only faith present and then they try and put you in that same category they’re in ( the no faith zone ) but uh uh, not I says the faithful not I.

So, I pose a qurstion? What do you do when the one beating you up over your FAITH walk is someone you know?

Guys, my knees are black from being on them for this person in prayer, but I also know thatit is in God’s timing and not mine.

Love on purpose……

Be Blessed….

Zipping it won't hurt...

Your Words Though!!!

Listen!! What you have in your heart and speak out of your mouth is what will surely come to pass…

Matt. 12:36-37

But I tell you on the day of judgment, men will have to give account for every idle word they speak –

For by your words you will be justified and Acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced….

Question to ponder and answer…..

Why does it seem like it’s so much easier for people to speak words of hate rather then words of


Let’s Chat!!

Be Blessed…..

Inside Out Love ❤️

Love from the inside out….

People who are able to love themselves and another from the inside out is full of God’s spirit.

They can love without wanting anything in return.  They don’t fear being used or rejected. They greet people without preconceptions, judgments, or suspicions. They accept that not all people will love them back, and that’s okay.

Their only expectation is to hopefully pass it on even if it’s not towards them.

Those who love themselves from the inside out are not desperate for friendships and content with being with themselves, enjoying their own company. They attract other people, rather than seek them out to make them feel complete. They don’t look to people to feel loved, to feel attractive, to get compliments, or to feel complete. When others are around those who love themselves from the inside out, they can feel their contentment of inner love and are able to feel free to engage in their own way. Those who love themselves from the inside out will attract others from a place of awareness and generosity of oneness in spirit and is able to love freely without the concern for it being reciprocated. Let’s Chat….. What does love mean to you?

Love on purpose…

Be Blessed….

We only have one God..

My Husband, My King, My Love, but…..Not My God……..

( song lyrics by Christon Gray) It’s one in the morning And I’m trying to ignore it But this problem isn’t going away I’m tired of fighting And I’m tired of writing So hard to find the words to say I’m not afraid of the games that we’ll play Or afraid of us fading away With the ups and the downs we’ve been through I’m so afraid of the way I love you I can’t explain what I don’t know And I can’t explain what is gon’ be (ba-da-da-da) With all this pain I love you so As long as it ends with you and me Two in the morning I don’t know what I’m doing And this problem isn’t going away I’m tired of fighting And I’m tired of writing So hard to find the words to say I’m not afraid of the games that we’ll play I’m not afraid of us fading away I’m not afraid that you’ll always be true But I’m afraid of the way I love you But I don’t want to see you go And I don’t want to watch you leave (ba-da-da-da) I’m giving up on all my pride So I can give you all of me It’s three in the morning I’m trying to ignore The problem isn’t going away So I’ll keep on fighting And keep on writing ‘Till I find the words to say I’m not afraid of the games that we’ll play Or afraid of us fading away I’m not afraid that you’ll always be true But I’m afraid of the way I love you One thing better Than being afraid with you One thing better Than being afraid with you But the thing that’s better Than being afraid with you Is getting better…

Please listen to this song on YouTube ( Afraid) by Christon Gray

This has gotta be one of my favorite songs because it is so true…..If we are living our lives for Christ and Yes!! we love our husbands and our children but we also have to remember that they are not the reason for our existence and they are in our lives because of God..

I am reminded that the purpose of my marriage is not to heal my past wounds and not even to make me feel happy ( even though a happy marriage will bring about these things)That’s not what God created marriage for. The real purpose of marriage is to always bring glory to Him, and our marriages should be a symbol of Christ’s love. Ones marriage being paraded around in another’s life should always demonstrate the love they might want to exude one day for someone else and point other’s to Him. Marriage should mean two people loving each other to the best of their ability including God, and loving God even more. It should mean showing grace and forgiveness towards each other when there’s a mess up, because there will be some.

Yes, you can be your spouses best friend as well as each other’s biggest support system.

We can even root each other on, as we venture through life together but, we cannot save each other.only God can do that.  The best part of this all is knowing that God is really, great at what He does, and He does it way better than our spouse could. We were all created to need Him and need Him more than anything else in life….Our spouses are a major bonus to what God had for us from the beginning of time but we also have to remember that they are not our deliverer or our healer. There is only one of those and His name is Jesus!!!

Love no matter what!!

Be Blessed….

Real Friendship is hard to come by

Friendship And What It Really Means…

What do you think about when you hear the word FRIENDSHIP? You have to know that all friendships aren’t ( one for all) One friendship might require one thing while another requires something else…. “I think if I’ve learned anything about friendships, it’s that they all require something different and even when times get hard you still need to hang in there and stay connected, and to fight for them even if they don’t always for you, Don’t walk away cause you don’t get your way, don’t be too busy or tired when they really need you, don’t take them for granted, but always reciprocate. True friendship is shown when the silence between the two is comfortable without question .” A friend is one that wants to get to know you for who you are, and can understand where you have been, and where you are going, and accepts what you have become, and still embraces your change as you grow. Friend, don’t walk behind me because I may not be going your way; Friend don’t walk in front of me because; I may not follow your path. Just walk beside me without question and be my friend.”

I have to be honest… I didn’t know how to be a friend but have grown to know that being a friend is more than an occasional phone call or a hangout. It was not until I truly became a lover of Christ to learn what true authentic friendship really was……even within the family…

What would you say you have learned from the friendships in your life?

Let’s Chat…..

Be Blessed…..

check on your strong friends

A crying heart that suffers in private…

My heart carries heavyness this morning, not because of unforgiveness or anything, but because of turning a blind eye to something that was right in front of my face.

How do you respond when you know someone is hurting and mentally being attacked by the enemy himself? Or, when your not being pulled in for prayer, or as a listening ear, or encouragement. What do you do?

There is so much hurt within people that they themselves don’t even know how to describe it. They describe it as Stress or being worn out, when the truth of the matter is that their hope and trust is not completely in the Lord they call Father. The truth is, that they have a fear that is unaware to everyone else but God. What you have to remember is if God allows you to know something that is going on in someone else’s life its not for you to talk about, but to pray about. It could be that that person needs an intercessor on their behalf because they don’t know what to pray or the enemy is putting up a wall in their prayer life to where they can’t pray…….

We should all be walking around with our spiritual eyes open to the point where we hear God say, “I need you on their behalf”. Or, where you can just feel another presence that is unlike any other and you know to start praying in the spirit….

It’s the one’s that act like they have everything together that you need to check in on……..

Let’s Chat….What do you think?

Be Blessed….

Faith Verses Sight, IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Then What You Can See…

Does your faith consist of only what you can see? What if I told you that that’s not “faith” at all?

Yeah, we all have self faith, but what about that faith that goes beyond your own? What about that faith that has absolutely nothing to do with what you think or how you think it, or what the outcome is with or without your input or output????

Yeah, that God kind of faith that involves nothing but belief in what you are seeking or what you have asked for…. Depending on you and your thought life that may or may not be a good thing…. Are you a doubter? Do you think to much? Thoughts change but your faith should always remain consistent, steady, and ready for operation. Unlike your thoughts, faith isn’t something you have to think about, it’s just something you have to put into action, and that action is ( Just Simply Believe) that what you ask for you will receive whether you see it now or later…..

Let’s Chat.

Be Blessed….

He's just too big!!

God + Box =’s Disappointment…..

Can we be honest, with ourselves? Isn’t it true we always want God to be this way, and act that way, and handle situations and circumstances our way? But, He just doesn’t comply to our way of wanting things done. He knows the right way to do things, and how He wants them done…and He don’t need us to try and figure that out, or try and inform Him….I mean that is the reason why we go to Him in the first place right? For Him to work it out????
Can we be reminded of this scripture ⤵

(Isaiah 40:13-14)
Who can fathom the Spirit of the Lord, or instruct the Lord as his counselor? Whom did the Lord consult to enlighten him, and who taught him the right way? Who was it that taught him knowledge, or showed him the path of understanding?

You see the only problem with that box we try and confine Him to, is that it’s way to small and can’t contain Him…..Let’s face it we serve an Awesome, Mighty, Eternal, Majestic, Expansive and All-Knowing God, who will eventually come bursting out of any box that try and contain Him. We have to allow God the freedom to do things His way. 
When we listen to the Lord through His Holy Spirit and trust Him, and do what He says, then He can accomplish life-changing things through us for other people. 

Be Blessed…..

Satan, I ain't scared of you!!

Stand In Your God Given Power…

So, here’s my question? If Satan stared you in the eyes would you be able to recognize him? 2 Corinthians 11:14‭ – But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Would you know how to defeat him? Could you stand up to him?

1Peter 5:9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

Satan comes to bring chaos in the lives of us all, but we have to be ready to know how to defeat him and return the fire. 1 Peter 5:8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

The attacks can come in so many different forms you just have to be able to identify them, and most people cannot- and they brush it off like it’s something that just happened or appeared… but come on…. we all know that that’s not the case at all. I had a follower pose a question to me ” Is Satan really as bad as people say he is”?

I said, ” let me first ask you a question”, Are you saved? He answered me “no”, and I went on to ask him if anyone in his family was saved and believed in Jesus Christ? He responded ( yes) so, I asked him what was the reason for asking me that question. He said “because I’ve heard some recent conversations that Satan is not all bad, not as bad as people are trying to say that he is” .

And, I said to him, Have you ever been surrounded by someone  that was just a plain ole’ distraction? Someone who seemed to just want to always criticize you when you were around them?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that wanted to try and intimidate you for whatever reason? And to scrutinize you with shock and awe?

Well!! my friend that was him, Satan working through that person to antagonize and belittle you.

Satan won’t only do that…. but he will also slander people to the point where he wants them to turn away from the path of victory that God has set them on.

Let me tell you, he will twist things and fabricate what you hear in order to get you out of the will of God, and you may be asking yourself “what does these questions have to do with you”.

Well, A lot my friend.

You’re not saved, and for this question to come up wanting to know the good, the bad, and the ugly I am here to let you know all about it when it comes to satan because God loves you and doesn’t want you ignorant to the deception of Satan yet alone the love of Him(God), the truth or His word….

Please know that Satan is not nice, nor is he kind in any way…. I actually do not care where you heard That “he’s not all bad”, I just want you to know the truth.

He most definitely is not your friend saved Or not saved, he is a user and a big time manipulator.

What I want you to know is this ….On the day of Jesus crucifixion, In the natural realm it may have appeared to many that Jesus was put on display and made a public spectacle of, but in the spiritual realm Jesus made a public spectacle out of Satan and all of the demon forces… Satan will use whomever he can for whatever he can if you allow him to.

The power of Satan over any of us was defeated at the cross and can be proven, if we choose to live out this life for God-

Satan was disarmed, put on display and defeated….you have a right to know this as a non believer.

Do you guys know that after speaking with this young man for a few days he prayed the salvation prayer and got saved !! I told him that I would locate some churches for him in his state and give them his email address so he can connect for fellowship and bible study for his growth.

I have to tell you, you must be ready and prepared to feed people and show them the truth in the word of God.

      Mark 16:15 And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. 

Be Blessed……

I'm using my Authority...

You Have Been Given Authority For A Reason….Use It.. Put It To Work…

I have a question? How do you battle the enemy when he comes to taunt and lie to you, what are the words you speak that makes that Foe flee, huh, what?

Stop Satan in his tracks, not later but now because he is not your friend and he means you no good. Satan wants to see you defeated and disobeying everything God tells you to obey and that is His Word.

So, come on!! and repeat after me to let Satan your enemy know that you know who you belong to, who you are and the power and authority you possess without a blinking of an eye…Show him you’re not afraid of him, allow him to hear your faith moving, faith destroying, bondage breaking, fear running words of power come out of your mouth…

Satan I am placing you on display, and I come pleading the blood of Jesus over all that is being spoken towards you ( Revelation 12:11 )

It is written in ( Luke10:19 ) that the Lord has given me power to tread ( trample)

to stomp heavily or roughly on your workers and has given me power over all your ability and nothing can by any means hurt me or my family…. I bind, mute, and paralyze you in every way you try and come against, aggravate,agitate, or irritate me (Matthew18:18 ) I now identify another one of your useless tactics ( specific goals) to try and get me off of the one and only thing that has kept you

bound and defeated and continuously under my feet ( 1Corinthians 6:19 )

( which is God’s Word) …. I will continue to defeat you and your workers by the words I speak out of my mouth and I will continue renewing my mind with the Word of God which I know where my power lies (Romans12:2) So, in the name of Jesus the one name you must bow down to and obey, I command you to cease in all you are trying to do, from your plots, plans, and deception you thought you could bring towards me and my family – No matter what !! you will not in any way be able to divert God’s plans for my life in no way, shape or form (James4:7) I will continue to stand on God’s word and not be put to shame, for it is my covenant I have with the Father that “He will keep me in perfect peace if my mind is stayed on Him” (Isaiah 26:3 ) I will continue to beat you over the head with God’s Word until you (foe) recognize that you do not have a place within me or my family to reside (1Corinthians 6:19 ) and in Jesus matchless name I call you gone now to return no more….

In Jesus Name – AMEN!!


Be Blessed…..